A  ChineseTea

Brewing Adventure

"The character of tea comes to life through the person who brings together the leaves and the water. This creates a second bloom of life of tea" - A Moment of Tea

    A  Special Event!

A  Moment of Tea is at  the Moonah Bazaar, the first Saturday of every month.

The Moonah Bazaar Market operates from The Multicultural Hub, MCOT, 67 Hopkins Street, Moonah from 9.30am to 2pm


Settle yourself in front of the elegant and pleasant setting and feel the diversity and power of nature by getting involved with the wonder of Chinese Tea.


A Moment of Wellbeing

A healthy way of drinking tea in accordance with nature.


A Moment of Tasting

We will invite you into the feast of tea, taking a glimpse of the 6 classic types of Chinese tea which are from camellia sinensis.


A Moment of Brewing

Gain the secrets to bring the best out of a tea

Tea & Teaware

There is an exciting range of tea and tea ware coming to A Moment of Tea soon. Please get in contact if you would like to learn more.