Our workshop experiences will not only teach Kung Fu brewing techniques, but enrich the connection to yourself and those around you. Discover the wonder of Chinese Tea.

Note: The teas can contain caffeine and polyphenols. If you are allergic to tea or cannot drink strong tea, please contact us.


A Moment of Wellbeing

Have you tried drinking tea with meditation? A way of helping your body to detoxify itself and boost energy level in accordance with nature.

Price: $35 per person

Duration: 1.5 Hour

Participants: 4 - 8 people

We will invite you into the feast of tea, taking a glimpse of the 6 classic types of Chinese tea which are from camellia sinensis.

Price: $59 per person

Duration: 2 Hours

Participants: 4 - 6 people


A Moment of Tasting


Gain the secrets to bring the best out of a tea.

Enjoy the multiple sensations when you brew the tea yourself

Price: $89 per person
Duration: 2 Hours
Participants: 4-6 people

A Moment of Brewing

How to perfect a tea ceremony to treat your friends and family and bring it into your daily life.

Price: $590 per person
Duration: 7 weeks/2 Hours 
Participants: 4 - 6 people

A Journey through Tea