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A Journey through Tea

Perfectly organize a tea ceremony to treat your friends and family.

Learn the 6 elements that make a tea ceremony a special occasion.


We will present the 6 different perspectives of the tea ceremony:

People - The person brewing the tea is crucial. What are the best ways to present a cup of tea?

​Tea - Different teas come from different places and different makers. For different seasons and moods, it is crucial to choose the right tea for the right person.

​Water - Explore the source of water, temperature, and the pots used to boil water to bring changes to the tea.

Ware - explore the changes brought by different pots, pourers and cups.

​Art - finding out the brewing techniques and skills that are suitable for different teas

​Environment - Consider the environmental factors that affect how people experience the tea. Light, colour, sound and picture, flowers and incense can all add to the atmosphere.

You will experience:

          1. Systematic understanding of 6 major Chinese tea types.

          2. Explore the 6 elements of the tea ceremony.

          3. Skilled use of pots and gaiwan.

          4. Capability to design a tea ceremony for yourself.

          5. Exquisite desserts with tea.

          6. Making friends who also love life!


The teas for the in-depth tasting are brewed in the Kung Fu tradition.

This workshop involves 7 weekly sessions of two hours each. It can be arranged at your home or a venue selected by A Moment of Tea.

Call us on 0416150660 to book a date!

Price: $590 per person
Duration: 7 weeks/2 Hours 
Participants: 4 - 6 people

Let’s STart the adventuRe Together!

Join us on more adventures, and tell us what you want through Chinese tea!